Sample Menus

Harvest by Darren Taylor, we can create personalised menus based on your taste, theme and budget. Below is a selection of menus all of which can be altered as needed.

Due to seasonality some items may be changed.



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Substantial Canapés

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Premium Canapés

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Formal Sit-Down

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Innovative menus demand well selected wines, not only to complement the food, but to ensure guests enjoy a complete and memorable experience.

Harvest by Darren Taylor offers three curated drinks lists, each featuring wines at various price tiers and to suit every occasion.

As much care is put into sourcing the wines as selecting ingredients for each of the dishes on the menu. To this end, Australian wines of exceptional quality and value have been chosen from the top-performing regions across the country, while Champagne from overseas is a feature of the premium list.

Classic and modern cocktails, utilising a range of craft spirits, can be created for parties and gatherings, while experienced bar staff, and all the requirements for a fully functioning bar, are available, too.

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